Artist Statement

I am a 25 year old doctor, who is a self-taught artist. For me, painting is a way to creatively express my emotions, while capturing the natural beauty of the world, so that others can also appreciate the beautiful cosmos we live in.
I use both acrylic and oil paints. I mostly love to paint landscapes, especially vibrant sunsets and breathtaking scenic mountain views. Several of my paintings are inspired from the photos I took whilst on my travels. I desperately want my viewers to feel the awe and amazement I felt, when I visited those beautiful places. I am a keen traveller and a wanderer at heart. I want my audience to experience the wanderlust through my paintings and feel the freedom it brings.
Painting provides a peaceful escape from the modern-day busy life, into a world of unknown and uncertainty. Painting is therapeutic for the mind in ways, which I cannot quite explain through words. With each brush stroke, you are effortlessly communicating with the blank canvas, in order to turn it into a masterpiece. Every painting provides new challenges and opportunities to improve your skills and explore new techniques. I use bold, vibrant colours, as I want my audience to feel empowered by my paintings.